First High Performance Training Session

On Friday the 14th of October, JJS, hosted the first of our 6 targeted Squad training sessions to be held from here onwards, and especially in the new year, leading up to IPTs in July. As many of our players only play school leagues and junior tournaments , our committee has determined that further squad training sessions will enhance player’s skills, team morale, and lead to better individual and provincial results.

As a province with one of the largest catchment areas in the country – and with a very proud and accomplished history behind us – we feel that it is incumbent on us to drive junior participation and development, at every single opportunity that we have, in order for us to become more competitive nationwide. This is one of our initiatives that we are funding from player’s fees, as well as looking for outward sponsorship opportunities.

Three of our senior provincial players; coaches, as well as the very innovative and accomplished Conditioning Coach, Warren McCann from Powerblast completed a very successful 2 hour training session. We strive to make the remaining 5 sessions even more so, with the assistance of our nationally ranked players. Success and innovation in Joburg will attract sponsorship. Sponsorship and endorsements mean that we can not only grow our player base and transformation initiatives, but also make squash more affordable to more participants and families, and grow squash across the board again.

This is our aim!

Of the 6 Squad training sessions, attendance to 3 of them are compulsory for inter-provincial selection
We do charge a small fee, which JJS endeavors to subsidize as much as is possible.
Along with this, there will be voluntary coaching sessions on Saturdays ( and possibly Sundays), for all age groups and abilities. A small fee is required for the 90 minute sessions and will be communicated forthwith. Again, the point must be made, that merely playing school leagues, practices and attending required squad sessions, is not enough preparation for our provincial players to grow skill and accomplishments and attract endorsements.

Our committee acts as one in encouraging and attracting schools who do not normally participate – or who haven’t because of financial constraints – to join us, interact and communicate with us , to see how we can further our base of players in one of the most physically energizing sports in the world. Within mentioning the physical requirements, skill can trump even the fittest of competitors
This is our ultimate aim, to help teach skills! ……And to grow participation in squash… everywhere!

There was much fun had by all. Music was being played and even the parents were positive around the session.

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