Why do Squash Players need safety glasses?

Why do we need safety glasses ? – By Shelly Manning Because squash is the only sport in the world where we play with 2 blunt objects (racquets) and a speeding missile, within a confined space of 4 walls. Every other racquet sport, you hit towards the opposite side of the court where your opponent is, and you can see them all the time. Our sport is like physical chess where you can manoeuvre the ball and your fellow player to all 4 corners of the court, and hopefully keep them behind you! For this reason, all the rules of Continue Reading

Outdoor Squash in South Africa

A great piece by Tshepo Molefe The few early stories about what is known as squash today indicate that in the early 1800 the ball was hit against any available wall in the front. The history of squash on WSF indicates that squash started with one wall in the front. Then side walls were introduced as players wanted to use whatever space that was available. Initially it was played in the outdoors of schools like Harrow and prisons like Fleet Prison and Kings Bench Prison. With the popularity of the game it evolved and was played in a three wall Continue Reading

Jhb Juniors in the Northcliff Bell Tournament

Northcliff Country Club welcomed many JJS from various schools to play in their Bell Tournament last weekend. 2 of our u13 players excelled and taught the adults a shot or two! Well played Ana Jovic and Andrew Thomas. Playing in local and Joburg Junior tournaments really does help improve your overall game and skills set.The more you play, the better you get! So everyone who can, please enter into our upcoming, JJS Graded tournament at Western Racquets. Winning isn’t the most important thing – playing and enjoying it, is!

Behaviour off court – a cautionary guide for parents

 As a parent of a young nationally ranked junior squash player I am proud of my progress so far: he is a junior county player, county tournament champion, England squad. Haven’t I done well? What’s more, as manager, chauffeur, sponsor, I made sure that he has had exposure to his peers from other parts of the country by participating in tournaments from the West Country to Derbyshire. All very satisfactory! But wait, who has been putting in the major effort? Right, the young player himself. Who is next on the list for congratulations? Me, surely. No, his coach. On court Continue Reading