Annual General Meeting



  • Notice is hereby given of the Annual General Meeting taking place on Wednesday 14th September 2022 at St John’s College in the Pre-Primary Hall (see the attached map)
  • If you are unable to attend, please send through your proxy by Wednesday 7th September.
  • If you would like to nominate someone, please do so on the attached form also by 7th September.
  • We desperately need volunteers to step forward whether it is to be on the committee or to be on a specific sub-committee. 
  • The two most important functions that we are looking for are:
    • Fundraising.
    • Growing squash in Joburg.


  • A Special General Meeting will take simultaneously to approve the changes to the constitution, as attached.


  • The annual prize giving will take place immediately after the meeting.  This includes, inter alia, all winners and runners-up of the leagues, IPT players, SA Top 10.

2021 Minutes Document:

2022 Constitutional Changes:

2022 Proxy Form:

St. John’s College Map:

2022 AGM Agenda

2022 Nomination Form


JOBURG JUNIOR SQUASH – Chairperson’s Report 2021 (Angie Clifton-Parks)
I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to attend today.
I would like to start by introducing my committee to you and would like to extend my appreciation and gratitude to all of them for their support over the past year.
Simone Hope Admin manager
Gary Plumstead PR & Marketing and Social media
Mike Bester HPP Development & Coaching
Shelley Manning Marketing, Refereeing, Tournaments
Irene Maxton IPTs
Linda Shannon Leagues
Jennifer Sawyer Tournaments and Top Schools
Panashe Sithole Development
Ross Pretorius Committee member
Jason Barron Committee member
Every person on this committee gives of their time and energy for free and in today’s climate this is very valuable so I would like to thanks you all for all your hard work and dedication to the game of squash and for giving up your time to help make this organisation stronger and more effective. Please put your hands together in appreciation for the committee. Thanks to everyone again. Most of the committee members’ manged specific portfolios in 2021. Every portfolio was run by the individual and everyone made a concerted effort to achieve the goals of JJS. Thanks again to each and every one of you for your dedication.
The last 2 years have definitely had their trials and tribulations. COVID-19 has put paid to many of our planned events and changed our world completely. Due to the well-orchestrated proposal sent to the department of Sport and recreation by Squash SA, squash was one of the 1st sports to start operating in a limited way. Jenifer please convey our thanks to your team for this.
2021 saw us having to postpone most of the leagues due to the COVID lockdowns. We did however manage to host a limited girls and boys league and the friendly league the later part of this year. We do hope that this will change in the coming year and we can get back to some normality with the various leagues starting up again early in 2022.
Tournaments are very important to all standards of players as it gives every player the opportunity to measure their strength against other players in the country as well as in our province.
In 2021 we managed to host hosted 4 local events at Parkview, Western Rackets and Blairgowrie and I would like to thank Jenifer and her team for managing to keep these going.
We did however have to adopt the way of running events and as we had to play each age group within a certain number of hours. This allowed us to comply with the number of players in the venues and all tournaments had no spectators. We did run a survey re this way of hosting events and some really liked it whilst the older age groups said that it was not ideal to play all their games in one day. We will look at the best way to run these events in the future. I once again encourage our U16 and U19 players to participate in as many senior events as well possible. By playing with adults our children are exposed to various styles of play and this definitely helps them grow and develop their own way of playing the game.
Many of our players participated in the local PSA events and should they join the PSA they will get a world ranking. The benefits of this, is that it opens doors of opportunity to get scholarships in other countries through squash. We have had at least 4 Joburg boys doing this in America the last few years.
The highlight for all squash players is to represent their Province at the Inter Provincial tournaments. This year this event was separated into the North and South as we had to limit the numbers at each event. JJS hosted the Northern event and I would like to thankIrene and Simone for all their hard work in putting this event together. It was no easy task and they did a great job. We sent
2 Boys + 1 girls team to the U19 – Girls Silver medal
2 Boys + 2 Girls teams to the U16 – Girls A got a silver medal & Boys A Gold medal
1 Boys + 1 girls team to the U14
1 Boys + 1 girls team to the U13
3 mixed team U11
As you can see there is a wonderful opportunity for all your children to be able to participate in these wonderful events. A great time was had by all even though there was no accommodation or events arranged. The players were still able to interact and socialise with fellow squash players.
As with everything else 2021 saw us changing our approach to the High Performance/ development Academy which was also split into various age groups at various events. Some of these were very successful but we do need to work hard again next year to ensure that this side of our programme grows and hopefully becomes more structured.
There were no official awards for SA Schools top 10 positions due to the fact that the criteria was constantly changing. There will be an announcement made by SA Schools on some players that will be awarded a merit award but we await the finalisation of this. I would just like to congratulate some of our senior players that have done extremely well in Junior and senior events this last year:
Nathaniel Ndebele U19
Muzi Buthelezi U19
Diodivine Mkhize U16
John Anderson U16
Joshua Deutchsmann U16
Keith Ncube U16
Rachel Shannon U19
JJS would also like to congratulate Egoli squash for their strong development programme. Their players have really grown and developed over the past few years and now contribute more than 50 % of players to our interprovincial teams. We would really like to encourage them to participate in our school leagues next year should these take place.
We held a marking and referring course before the interprovincial (thanks to Shelley Manning) and I was very disappointed with the results. Our pass rate was not even 20%. This will be one of focus areas in 2022 and I would encourage all parents, teachers and coaches to make sure that they also pass this exam.
To end off I would like to again emphasise the need for school administrators and parents to become more involved in this committee. We would gladly co-op members for specific projects and would love to hear your ideas and thoughts on how we can grow this wonderful game of ours.
I would like to wish everyone a wonderful break and please be on the lookout for the 2022 calendar that has already been sent out and the entries for the girls’ league that we hope will take place in the 1st term of 2022

Dear Squash Players and Parents,


  • Notice is hereby given of the annual general meeting taking place on
    Saturday 20th November at 9am at Parkview Squash Centre.
  • If you are unable to attend, please send through your proxy by
    Wednesday 17th November.
  • If you would like to nominate someone, please do so on the attached
    form also by 17th November.
  • We desperately need volunteers to step forward whether it is to be
    on the committee or to be on a specific sub-committee.
  • Some of the roles we are looking for include:
  • Coaches for the squad training.
  • Fundraising.
  • Growing squash in Joburg.
    All things considered, Joburg Junior Squash had a very successful 2021.


  • All tournaments took place, albeit in a different format.
  • There has been mixed reactions to the new format of tournaments and
    we would like your feedback on which format you would prefer going forward,
    obviously for when Covid restrictions don’t apply. Please click here
    to vote. “Original” – age groups all play
    simultaneously, generally 1 game Friday, 3 Saturday and 1 Sunday. Or
    “Covid” – 1 age group plays at a time.
  • Unfortunately leagues didn’t happen, other than the friendly league.
    The boys’ leagues started but had to be stopped.
  • The reason for this is that leagues fall under the Department of
    education and the tournaments fall under the Department of Sport and
  • Replaced the HPP with squad training. Squad training is done at
    various venues and on different days so we can accommodate as many players
    as possible. Groups are small and you pay per session that you attend.
  • We successfully hosted the Northern region IPT.
  • 13 teams represented Joburg at IPT.
  • Boys U16A, U16B, U19A all won their section at IPT.
  • Girls U16A, U16B, U19A were all runners up in their section at IPT.


  • I have attached the 2022 draft calendar but would like to point out
    a few significant dates:
  • 30th January – Marking and Refereeing course
  • 4th – 6th February – Open Tournament.
  • 3rd – 6th March – Bloem Open.
  • 4th – 6th March – Graded Tournament.
  • 13th – 15th May – Closed Tournament.
  • 12th June – Marking and Refereeing course
  • 25th – 29th June – IPT.
  • 10th September – U11 / U13 Fun Tournament (due to requests from
    parents, we are looking at holding this type of tournament more often during
    the year).
  • 14th September – Prize Giving and AGM.
  • 7th – 9th October – SOS Tournament.
  • Please remember that to be eligible for IPT selection, players need
    to play in 2 tournament and the Closed tournament. The 2 tournaments can be
    from different provinces.
    We appreciate any constructive feedback that you might have.

2021 SA Schools’ Calendar 
2021 Proxy Form 
2021 Nomination Form 
2021 AGM Agenda