Girls League Rules

1. Each team consists of 4 players.

2. No player may play in more than one league on the same day.

3. League matches are played on Friday afternoons but may be re-arranged providing that both schools agree.

4. Teams MUST be chosen on merit. If this is not adhered to, players/teams may be disqualified.

5. Each match consists of the best of 5 games e.g., 3-2, 3-1, 3-0. One point will be awarded for each game won.

6. The winning team is the team who wins the most matches. In the event of a tie in games, game points are taken into consideration. If there is a draw on game points, then both teams share the bonus points.

7. A bonus of two (2) points will be awarded to the winning team.

8. The new PARS (point a rally) scoring system is to be used. Each game will be scored to 11. If 10 is reached, then 2 clear points must be played.

9. Result score sheet to be faxed or emailed to 086 605 6124 or to email:

10. Any team that is withdrawn will be penalised the full league fee.

11. Home teams please confirm fixtures by Wednesday.

12. The High Altitude Green dot ball MUST be used for all U19A leagues where provincial players are involved. This ball is obtainable from Parkview Squash Centre 011 646 2051.

13. The Double Yellow dot ball should be used for all other age groups BUT U14A, U15A and U16A players (especially girls who are playing tournaments and provincial) should be utilising the High Altitude Green dot ball.

14. Each player must be UNDER the age of the league on 31 December.

15. Any girl who plays three matches in an OLDER AGE GROUP may not play again in her own age group.

16. All players MUST wear protective eyewear.

17. If a team member plays twice in a match because the team does not have sufficient players, only one set of results counts. The second match is played as a friendly and the points are awarded to the opposition.

18. If a team is short of a player, all members must move up. The No. 4 position will then be awarded to the opposition as a walk-over.

19. League allocation is the prerogative of the organiser.

20. Schools not falling under the Central Gauteng Junior squash region may enter the squash league but will not be eligible for an official placing as announced at the AGM.

21. Provincial A team players may only play in A sections.