Why do Squash Players need safety glasses?

Why do we need safety glasses ? – By Shelly Manning

Because squash is the only sport in the world where we play with 2 blunt objects (racquets) and a speeding missile, within a confined space of 4 walls.

Every other racquet sport, you hit towards the opposite side of the court where your opponent is, and you can see them all the time. Our sport is like physical chess where you can manoeuvre the ball and your fellow player to all 4 corners of the court, and hopefully keep them behind you!

For this reason, all the rules of squash are specifically there to ensure the safety of both players. 

Wearing safety goggles is one of the ways to do this. Squash, is an Olympic sport and governed by our international body the World Squash Federation, that insists that each and every under 19 player MUST wear safety glasses. Be it in just practice, playing with friends or in tournament play, this is non-negotiable. 

Often juniors and new players, find it difficult to adjust to, but this must be done, and after a few games, most people barely notice them.

Things to Know:

Woodwork or similar safety glasses are not acceptable. 

Squash goggle lenses are specifically designed  to “pop” out of the frames to prevent shatterering when hit by ball or racquet and to cushion the frame impact.

“Open” lens glasses are also available, where to prevent misting up of the goggles, there are  slits cut into the lenses, these again, are safety graded to ensure that neither the ball or a racquet width can enter the absolute eye area. 

Polycarbonate and similar prescription glasses are allowed to be worn. But please check with your child’s optometrist  as to their suitability. 

Glasses must be worn AT ALL TIMES as soon as a player enters the court and thereafter. 

A player may remove them ONLY  between rallies to clean them, and not during general play, or before or during the start of the match.

If glasses fall off during a rally, Squash  rules will apply, play MUST stop immediately (safety) and the point will be awarded to the opponent.

Joburg Junior Squash is aware of the extra cost that this entails, and wherever possible, we will endeavour to provide temporary substitute glasses/goggles on loan, but the onus is upon parents,  guardians and schools as a safeguarding measure.

 With loan glasses/goggles, Joburg Junior Squash, and affiliated coaches, will  not accept any liability for any injuries on court incurred with said loan goggles/glasses. We provide them as a temporary, and previously used necessity for immediate play, and therefore we cannot guarantee the efficacy and safety aspect thereof.

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